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The University Marketing Department provides you with image materials relating to all TU Dortmund University events. Whether current brochures on regular events, the program of the summer festival or the official image brochure - you can find everything to download here.

Image film

The image film presents the many facets of our university in just under seven minutes – in German and in English.

The film was created in collaboration between the University Marketing Department and the Institute for Journalism. Members of TU Dortmund University can receive the film in high resolution from the University Marketing Department. This means that the image film can also be shown on various occasions such as conferences, trade fairs or information events – wherever TU Dortmund University presents itself to an audience. 


What are the unique features of TU Dortmund University? How has it developed since it was founded? What are the outstanding achievements in the profile areas? What does research and teaching focus on? What is the significance of the university for the city of Dortmund? In the image brochure, TU Dortmund University presents itself and its versatility.

Image brochure (German)

Image brochure (English)

Nahaufnahme verschiedener Broschüren der TU Dortmund © Martina Hengesbach​/​TU Dortmund
Mascot of the KinderUni, collage of a man, a fish, a girl and a fox © Archive​/​TU Dortmund

KinderUni (Children’s University) Course Catalogue

The KinderUni is an event series organized by TU Dortmund University specifically for children from eight to twelve years old. In events especially designed for children, the professors explore exciting questions and convey knowledge around science and research with a lot of fun. The "course catalogue" – the program of the KinderUni – is published at the beginning of each semester (end of March and end of September).

Children's University Program Winter Semester 2021/22

Design of the TU Dortmund University and the Dortmunder U logos on a green backdrop showing the Dormtunder U tower © Frank Georgy​/​TU Dortmund

TU Dortmund University at the Dort­mun­der U

The university floor at the Dortmunder U Tower is TU Dortmund University’s campus in the city: Here the university shows that art, creativity and the associated innovations are an important part of the university and that science is a significant part of culture. The brochure, which is published annually, provides an overview of the exhibitions of TU Dortmund University at the university floor of the Dortmunder U.

2022 Program of TU University at the Dortmunder U


Music Brochure

Orchestras, choirs, big bands: the musical life at TU Dortmund University is colorful and vibrant. Jazz, rock and pop are just as much a part of the repertoire as classical works. Students of all faculties, staff and alumni of TU Dortmund University are represented in the ensembles of the Institute for Music and Musicology. Each semester performances and concerts take place, in which the results of the rehearsals are presented. The brochure provides information about the various ensembles and an overview of the musical activities within and outside TU Dortmund University.

Music Brochure Winter Semester 20/21

Information about concerts and new dates

Music brochures © Archive​/​TU Dortmund