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Erstsemester Marke
Rektor Prof. Manfred Bayer im Stadion © Stephan Sagittarius

Greeting from President Prof. Manfred Bayer

Welcome at TU Dortmund University!

We are delighted that you are here. You are starting a new, exciting phase of your life at TU Dortmund University, with successes and certainly some challenges ahead of you. Network early, because you always learn and work best together. Take advantage of the time and discover how diverse our university is. There are 32,500 young people studying in 81 degree programs at 17 departments, and you are now one of them. I wish you success in everything you set out to do in your studies. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to create the best possible study conditions for you.

Your President

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer

Each first-semester student has received an individual admission time with the invitation, which must be adhered to in order to ensure a smooth start to the  welcoming session. Admission will take place at the North Entrance.


Welcoming Session Winter Semester 2022/23

Welcome by the AStA of TU Dortmund University

Dear fellow students,

We are pleased to welcome you as part of the student body at TU Dortmund University and would like to congratulate you on the excellent university choice!

As the General Students' Committee (AStA), we are the students' representation at the university and represent your concerns to the university and politics.

In addition, you can take advantage of numerous free consultations, have documents certified for the university and participate in many exciting events. We are also happy to help you with any questions you may have about your studies and everything around them.

The best way to contact us is by mail or on Instagram. Or you can drop by our AStA office in Emil-Figge-Straße 50.

Enjoy your time at the university and get involved! Together we can move a lot!

Sarah and Raphael
AStA Chairmanship

© Kevin Bertelt​/​TU Dortmund

First Aid for First-Semester Students

There are many questions when starting your studies. This page summarizes the answers to the most important questions about starting your studies: Information about the preliminary courses and the orientation phase (O-week), about services, offers and websites.

We wish you a successful start into your studies!

Information for First-Semester Students

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Get to know TU Dortmund University

Between seminars, lectures and exams, a wide range of offers on campus provide variety and relaxation: In the cafeterias you can have lunch for little money or just have a coffee with friends. If you want to really work out or finally do something for your own health, the university sports center is the right place to go - from soccer to yoga, there is something for everyone. Music enthusiasts don't miss out either: the university orchestra, the gospel choir and many other ensembles regularly give concerts and are happy to welcome new members.